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Tongkat Ali: Effects, Dosage, Side Effects

Tongkat Ali Capsules Pure Energy for Men
Tongkat Ali Capsules as a Dietary Supplement

Tongkat Ali is used to increase energy and to promote healthy testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali, Pasak Bumi, or Long Jack is the local name for Eurycoma longifolia, a jungle tree found in the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia. Tongkat Ali is considered an insider tip because of its effects against a drop in testosterone levels in men. It is offered in various forms as a dietary supplement.

How exactly is Tongkat Ali used, what to look for in the dosage, what are the benefits and are there side effects? We have compiled the most important information about Tongkat Ali for you.

Effects and main applications of Tongkat Ali

The roots of Tongkat Ali contain numerous bioactive substances. The mechanism of action has not yet been clarified in detail. However, according to current knowledge, the effects are mainly due to the contained quassinoids and alkaloids.

The main benefits of Tongkat Ali:

  • Increased energy and drive in everyday life
  • Muscle building and improved regeneration
  • Promoting healthy testosterone levels

Numerous studies on Tongkat Ali have been conducted in recent years. According to these studies, Tongkat Ali appears to have a regulating effect on the body’s testosterone production.

This explains the effect as a natural means for increasing sex drive and as a dietary supplement for more energy and increased vitality. This is particularly beneficial for men aged 40 and over. The testosterone production typically tends to decline significantly at this age. Tongkat Ali can make an effective contribution against testosterone deficiency together with an adapted lifestyle.

Athletes also benefit when training for muscle building, this effect could also be proven in numerous studies. Another use of Tongkat Ali aims to increase sexual drive. Scientific evidence exists today for this long-known application.

The energy-promoting and activating effect of Tongkat Ali has proven itself in practice. In addition to the effects described, the intake offers an increase in energy level and well-being. Often additional “bite” is described by men taking Tongkat Ali. This makes it easier to implement personal projects and to achieve targets through improved energy levels.

Old remedy brings new energy for men

In the folk medicine of Malaysia and Indonesia, Tongkat Ali has a firm place as a means of general strengthening, as a tonic after illness and as a natural means of strengthening sexual performance.

In Malaysia and Indonesia, Tongkat Ali is therefore highly regarded. However, as the plant is relatively rare, only limited quantities of high-quality raw material are available. Together with the complex production of the storeable end products, this explains the comparatively high price of Tongkat Ali products.

Tongkat Ali Products

Tongkat Ali is traded in various forms. In addition to root powder for the preparation of teas, extracts with different trade names are offered.

Loose extract in powder form has the disadvantage of tasting quite bitter. Also, the exact dosage of the powder is not easy, an exact scale is required. Furthermore, tongkat ali extract is highly moisture-attracting. It is important to ensure storage in a tight container in a dry environment, otherwise the quality of the product will suffer quickly due to moisture.

Easier to use are Tongkat Ali capsules. With capsules, the correct dosage is easier, the bitter taste does not matter and the correct storage is simpler. In the case of quality products, the capsules are usually packed with desiccant (silica) in order to keep the contents reliably dry and to ensure quality.

Different Concentrations of Tongkat Ali Extracts

Extract from the root of Eurycoma longifolia produced in Indonesia is traded as Tongkat Ali, Pasak Bumi, or Long Jack with different trade names for concentrations. The data refer to the amount of extract obtained in relation to the amount of root used. For example, a 1:200 indication means that 200 kilograms of dried root have been processed to produce 1 kilogram of the finished product. Frequently found are products with specifications 1:20, 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200.

Dosage of Tongkat Ali

The following recommendations are common.

Recommended dose for Tongkat Ali:

  • 1:50 Tongkat Ali Extract:
    Normal dosage about 3000 mg daily, for strength athletes also up to 8000 mg or even 10000 mg. The high quantity required puts the lower price into perspective.
  • 1:100 Tongkat Ali Extract:
    For this less frequently offered concentration, the daily dose is given at up to 4000 mg. Extract with a concentration of 1:100 is also found on the ingredients list of some mixed preparations.
  • 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract:
    Normal dosage up to 1500 mg daily, divided into 2 doses (morning/evening). Strength athletes occasionally increase the dosage with good success to up to 5000 mg daily, then usually distributed on 3 doses (morning/noon/evening).

In general, the optimal amount of intake depends not only on individual factors such as body weight but also on the background of its use.

Optimal intake of Tongkat Ali

In general, Tongkat Ali is consumed preferrably in cycles in order to maintain the positive effects long term. These cycles can be designed differently and are related to the dosage:

  • General increase in energy and libido:
    Taking moderate dosages over longer periods of time, here a microcycle of one week is common. Intake over 5 days, break of 2 days. This cycle is repeated as often as desired (permanent use).
  • Support for muscle building and regeneration after training:
    Higher dosages are used here. For this purpose, the supplement is usually taken continuously over a period of 8 weeks, followed by a break of at least 4 weeks. This cycle is repeated as needed.

The supplement is best consumed on an empty stomach distributed on a partial dose in the morning and one in the evening, at higher dosages also divided into three partial doses (morning/noon/evening).

Side Effects of Tongkat Ali

Side effects of Tongkat Ali are described in the scientific literature at the recommended dosages only to a very limited extent:

  • The increased energy level can lead to a certain restlessness and at very high dosages to sleep problems.
  • Increased impatience and slightly increased irritability can also occur at high dosages.
  • Libido and sexual appetite can increase significantly. Often, however, this effect of Tongkat Ali is also welcomed by athletes and is not considered a side effect.

An initial increase in the dose over a few days up to the recommended intake has been proven beneficial.


Tongkat Ali can increase energy levels, promote healthy testosterone levels and strengthen sexual drive. Tongkat Ali is available as a dietary supplement mainly as an extract in capsules. Depending on the intended use, Tongkat Ali can be taken permanently or in cycles. The positive effects of Tongkat Ali are well documented by numerous scientific studies.

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